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Why Become a Private Tutor in Mountain Center, CA
If you think you might want to become a private tutor, now is a good time since the industry has exploded worldwide and opportunities await you. If you enjoy teaching and are able to have patience and sensitivity, this might be the right field for you.

And, sadly, a few short decades ago, if a child had a tutor, he was labeled as dumb and shunned at recess games. Thankfully, these days, having a private tutor carries the reputation of conscientious parenting and sensible life management.

Tutoring a student is a personally rewarding experience. Students of all ages have unique needs and if one is struggling in school and you get to observe him or her suddenly "get it" and begin making progress it is remarkably satisfying.

Because school is often tailored for only one kind of learning even though each person has one of several different styles of learning, there will always be a need for tutors. Nearly everyone has been frustrated from the inability to grasp certain concepts being taught which are outside of their area of interest or current ability.  Falling hopelessly behind in class, the student’s problem only snowballs if ignored.

An individual tutor can be a godsend and make all the difference in a student’s life. Fortunately, the tutor and the student both benefit immensely.

Industry Booming
Professional teaching experience is not required. Just think of the subject areas you enjoyed in school and where you excelled. These can be the topics that you offer your tutoring services. Private agencies can match you up with students who need the expertise you offer. Or you can go solo and get the word out on your own.
Perhaps you need to brush up your skills (or even learn how to teach for the first time). Many non-profit organizations need volunteer tutors and some even offer tutor training. This will give you experience and get you started.

About the Boom
At one time or another, students of all ages need a boost to get through a concept or an entire class. Individual tutoring can be the boost they need to conquer the level they are on and move up to the next.  Parents don’t want their children to get lost in the shuffle, high school and college students want to graduate, but there are always some who get stumped along the way.
School classes are usually filled to maximum capacity so teachers cannot meet the needs of each student who is struggling. The amount of time and attention required to work with several students individually is beyond the salary and physical capability of most teachers.

Many certified teachers are switching from the classroom to private tutoring for the very reason that some students who have great potential need individual assistance they could not give in the public school system. By becoming a private tutor, they are able to utilize their teaching skills and instead of being frustrated, they are fulfilled to see more immediate growth in students.
Since they already have teaching skills and the dedication to education, they find personal satisfaction in seeing growth in students.

Job Advantages
Satisfying Personal Rewards. To witness a student who has been lost and unable to keep up in a subject suddenly “get it” and make progress provides satisfaction unlike any other.
A private tutor can hone in on the very thing hanging up the student in their studies. For some students it could be the subject, for another, it might be organization or study skills. What an opportunity to do good in the world.

Being (a big) part of the process of progress in another person’s life is a special kind of recompense.

Ease of Schedule. One of the many advantages of becoming a private tutor is the luxury of setting your own hours. If you link up with an agency, you give them your availability times. They match you with clients whose schedule and needs line up with yours.

If you are on your own, you determine the hours you are available and list those hours in your advertising. Leaving you free to adjust your schedule to meet a client’s needs.

Relaxed Setting. While you must always remain professional, your tutoring sessions can be congenial and low-pressure. You and the client will determine the location. Various places can be used for a tutoring session: your home, their home, a public library, a fast food restaurant--(be sure to buy a little something for the use of their table).  

Another bonus. The going rate, depending on the tutor’s experience and field of expertise, is anywhere from  $10 to $100 an hour or more. This is an area for possible adjustments from time to time if you want to take on a client who cannot afford your rate or as you become more in demand.
Some tutoring agencies will let you name your rate, while others will pay the rate they determine after their percentage.

Set Yourself Up for Business
Once you have determined the subject(s) you’ll teach to help a struggling student, your next step will be to collect evidence of your skills such as any documentation of your past grades received in your chosen subjects or put together a portfolio of samples of your work.

Any previous teaching, tutoring or mentoring experience, however small, can get you a letter or recommendation from someone you taught or their parent.

When you connect with an agency, you set up a profile with your photo and skills that shows up on their website for clients to review and make a selection. Describe yourself and areas of competency, such as Elementary Mathematics & Science, or College-level Research Papers.

Tell of any other credentials you might have such as a college degree or highest level of schooling, CPR certification or First Aid, background check, (some agencies require a background check and will process it for you - they will likely charge a fee).

If you choose to not go with an agency, check the laws in your state for any required licenses or certifications before you begin to advertise your tutoring services. Check with other tutors locally or online to get ideas of the going rates and policies that have helped them be successful.  

Once you have taken care of those details, you will need to put the word out that you have become a private tutor.  Talk to family, friends, neighbors and even your area schools. Check with private schools to see if they will pass your card along to parents of students. Pin your card on flyer boards. Some tutors put an ad online but be cautious! (Listen to your gut, check everything out).

One option is to set up a website giving you an online appearance inspiring confidence in your ability. Display a friendly and warm but professional attitude on your site and in person. Be clear about your area of expertise and age or grade levels you can effectively tutor.

List your prices and whether or not they are negotiable, your available times and contact information. Perhaps you will want to vary your rates based on age or grade level of student.  
Be sure to post a cancellation policy to cover yourself at times when a client might cancel at the last minute, especially important if you have traveled to a meeting place.  You might have a $10 or $20 fee to cover your fuel cost or full charge of the time you blocked out for that client.  

Consider This
Private tutoring will be one of the most memorable and satisfying of careers if it fits your personality. Due to the effort and attention you put forth for a student, his or her life can be changed and uplifted forever.  

That’s why private tutors cite ‘emotional fulfillment’ as one of the luxuries of the job, as well as more flexible hours and better pay than most teaching jobs.
If you think you’ve got the knack for teaching, and you care about helping kids or adults, give serious consideration to becoming a private tutor.

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