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Want to Control Your Own Destiny in a Growing Market? Become a Tutor Online in Wanchese, NC
There will always be students in Wanchese, NC. There will always be school. And, therefore, there will always be a ready job market for those with the work ethic, skill set, and temperament to become a tutor online.  Online tutoring isn’t glamorous or flashy--but it’s steady, respectable, rewarding work. With the rising demand for these services, up about 15 percent from the previous year, there are also all kinds of possibilities for fitting what someone needs. Even if you aren’t certified, if you have an area of specialization and the ability to convey the information so a student can assimilate it, you may find jobs for the taking.

Online tutors enjoy many of the benefits of entrepreneurship: they work from home, managing themselves and working as much or as little as they want.  Because many of the customers are at school or work during the day, most online tutoring is done at night, which means tutoring online can be a lucrative second source of income for effective workers. But online tutoring doesn’t always mean the tutor has to be in attendance when the student is doing the work or learning. That means that you can set up assignments and work that students can access and do, while you still have a social life. Just plan to do at least a weekly meeting with the student for accountability and to clarify any questions or concerns the student faces.

And, with the advent of services like Skype and Google Hangouts, online tutoring doesn’t mean there’s no face-to-face communication anymore. In that respect, it’s less like an email conversation and more like a personalized classroom these days.  Some tutors are even creating online conferences, putting multiple students with the same issues into a single “virtual classroom,” minimizing their time and maximizing their profit.

Remember too, once you have established a curriculum for a course, it can be used for other students wanting to learn the same skills, so after doing the work to set up a course, keep it for future students. In time, you’ll build many options for students to use, and most of your time will be spent in answering emails or doing the weekly check-in’s with students. That allows you to make the most of your efforts and get the best pay possible.

Necessary Skill Set

To become an online tutor inWanchese, NC, your most obvious and immediate need is a stable internet connection, and hardware sufficient to do the job. Many services use virtual whiteboard or screen-sharing technology, allowing teacher and student to draw on each other’s computer while connected on a voice call or in a chat room. But using Google Drive also allows similar features and there’s no cost for the service.

Content knowledge, of course, is absolutely critical. Most online tutoring providers have screening processes in place to ensure that the tutors they provide possess the necessary knowledge to assist struggling students. Of course credentials are the best, but if you don’t have teaching credentials or degrees but do have a verifiable history of specific knowledge, then that can count as credentials. Obviously, a student in Chemical Engineering classes at a University who needs some help, isn’t looking for a teacher, but someone with a greater knowledge in the subject that what the student has.

Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken, are required; online tutoring often begins with a student or parent who is already frustrated; it can take a soothing personality to calm them down and get them over the hump of their confusion. Or if the student is exceptional in the field, they may need someone with a depth of understanding on the topic as well as the ability to communicate in a way that opens up the student’s vision further.

Work ethic and personal drive are key influencers of online tutoring income. Because tutors work alone and from home, the personal motivation to log in and get to work, consistently and methodically, marks the best online tutors. Like any telecommuting job, the online tutor needs to take the work seriously, be there when needed, and committed enough to see the job through to its successful conclusion.

Potential Job Market

The potential job market for private online tutors is vast and growing; in 2012, Forbes reported that the global online tutoring market had already surpassed $102 billion annually. So as mentioned before, if you have a particular skill or high knowledge level in a desirable field, you can probably find work to do, especially online, as a tutor. Here is just a brief sampling of jobs available to those who become a tutor online:

  1. Homework Help: many sites around the web focus on connecting private tutors with students in need of simple homework assistance. The primary market here begins around middle school, as many students face problems as they hit that age and learning level - particularly in maths and sciences. And since many parents haven’t dealt with those subjects since they were in school, they are equally baffled by what is needed for their students to excel. For those taking college courses, or even high school level courses, it’s a way to help others learn what they need to and cement that knowledge in your brain as well.
  2. In-depth College Tutoring: for more difficult subjects, there is a growing market for online tutoring; this market also benefits from the fact that many incoming freshmen are underprepared for college, and need supplemental assistance just to keep their head above water. Tutors with a knowledge of the particular college or university requirements and what departments do what, can be especially helpful. Find an online service to list your services, but don’t forget posting information with the departments you can offer advanced knowledge for students.
  3. Standardized Test Preparation: The ACT. The SAT. State exams. Graduate school entrance exams, the LSAT, and the MCAT. Those are the standards. But a whole array of specialized tests exist for professional certification as well. These tests serve as barriers to entry for fields ranging from nursing to classroom teaching to accounting. And for every test, there’s a group of nervous students, obsessively preparing out of desperation to boost their score. People who’ve already passed the test can become an online tutor for those still struggling to get past the hurdle. The more generic the information covered on the test, the more likely you’ll have the understanding to help others get through it.

Where The Students Come From
For those who believe they can become a tutor online in Wanchese, NC, the most obvious question may be simply “Where will I get customers?” A host of online tutoring marketplaces already exist; however, a large percentage of tutors also find customers on their own, either through a personal website or through something as simple as Craigslist or Facebook advertising.  And multiple instances abound of online tutors who began by giving away lessons for free on YouTube, generating a large following and turning that audience into various revenue streams.

Those tutoring stars in Wanchese, NC are definitely outliers, though. Tutors who acquire students on their own, obviously, stand to make much more from a single student interaction--however, they may find trouble generating enough volume to justify their time. But get the word out, contact local schools to see if they keep a list of tutors and if you can be added, if you are active in a professional organization, check with them to see if they will refer you to any queries they receive. Also, don’t forget places like your church or any clubs you are interested in or involved with. You are only limited by your imagination.

Potential Income

How much an online tutor can make is primarily dependent upon what they can teach, and how much time they are willing to commit.  Math and science tutors are most in demand, as those tend to be the subjects that parents of high school tend to find difficult, and that incoming college students find burdensome.

According to Angie’s List, online tutoring rates in Wanchese, NC begin around $20 per hour, and increase based on the tutor’s experience and the subject’s difficulty. Obviously, harder subjects are in higher demand--and therefore more expensive. However, online tutoring is still more affordable for students than comparable in-person rates, which can approach $100 hourly for high-demand tutors. Also, rates may vary on the location of the student, though that may not be as much of an issue with online tutoring.

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